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Interview with Denisa Chládková in Český rozhlas 8.11.2015

Tenis magazine, page 27:

Magazine Tennis arena 06/2009, page 34::

- Individual- for parents, players, coaches, media
- Group - for tennis clubs, schools, interest groups, etc.

Seminars and lectures
for tennis clubs, companies, schools, media, etc.
  - all ages
all tennis levels
• "youngest tennis players" who decide to play tennis - intended for parents
  - Tennis yes or no and why, what we expect from tennis, possitives and negatives of this
- Medical fitness for tennis, prevention of health problems
- How to start, what equipment to use and with who and how to practice, combining the
   school, the role of parents
- Other sports in addition to tennis and etc.
• Tennis - young players, juniors, adults  – intended for players, coaches and parents
  - What I expect from tennis, what is my goal
- Reconciliation of tennis with education, employment, family
- Tennis training, fitness training, selection of coach and working with him
- Appropriate material equipment
- Tournaments- selection of program, entering and everything related to the tournament,
   including foreign ones
- Health care, regeneration, working with a physiotherapist, drinking and eating regime
- Preparation for the profi tennis- building a "team", the economy, cooperation with
- Other important information leading to the creation of personalities and top performance

• professional tennis - intended for players and coaches
  - Tennis training schedules and fitness training
- Appropriate material equipment
- Cooperation with the coach and the entire support team tennis players
- Planning of Tournaments and structure, including foreign tournaments
- Regeneration, health care, drinking and eating regime, etc.
- Travel, accommodation, economics, finances, sponsoring, communication with the media
- Other important information leading to the success of top athletes

• tennis for "everyone" – intended for players
  - How often and with who to practice, build workouts to no harm, fitness training
- Proper material equipment
- Participation in "tournaments" - program
- Regular medical supervision, working with a physiotherapist, regeneration, drinking and
   eating regime
- Other important information that will help players to make tennis beautiful and joyful adding

  MOTTO: "No matter the age, tennis, when properly learn, can be played a long time with happiness and without risk of health problems"  



Denisa Chládková, +420 602 252 470, info@denisachladkova.cz